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Yacht Delivery Service - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much does a boat delivery cost?

There are many variables that affect the cost of a yacht delivery service. Typically, our Captain’s fee is $400.00/day and can be negotiable depending on the type and length of the delivery, the route plan, the time of year, the equipment on board, the number of crew needed, etc. We work diligently with the owner/client to reach a win-win affordable solution. Crew pay is dependent on whether or not the owner will be on board for part or all of the delivery.
Owner/client is responsible for all of the travel and delivery operating expenses. Please see our ‘Pricing‘ section for more details.

How large of a vessel can you deliver?

Our primary Captain holds a second issue British MCA Commercial Master of Yachts 200 Ton (Offshore) License for both Sail and Power endorsements. He is qualified and licensed to deliver power boats and sailboats up to 200 Tons displacement.

Why should we choose your service for our boat delivery?

On account of our proven track record and because our 3 C’s yacht delivery service model CARING – CAREFUL – CONSIDERATE is committed to meet and/or exceed your expectations. For more details on why choose us, please see ‘How We Do It‘ or ‘Why Us‘ for more details.

What should I be looking for in a reputable yacht delivery service?

For most boat owners, their boat is a precious possession with huge sentimental and monetary value. As a result, choosing a reliable yacht delivery service can be a trying and difficult decision. The following tips will hopefully assist in choosing the best yacht delivery service for your individual needs:

The yacht delivery service/Captain:

  • is appropriately licensed commercially for the vessel in question and the chosen delivery route;
  • willingly provides proof of licensing and training documents;
    has a verifiable boat delivery track record;
  • assumes full responsibility for the safety of the vessel, crew, and any passengers;
  • confirms seaworthiness of the vessel by conducting a pre-delivery inspection and reviewing the last known marine survey of the vessel;
  • provides thorough planning in preparation for the delivery – which includes detailed route and alternate route planning;
  • relies on short and long term weather forecasts;
  • provides the necessary experienced crew needed for a safe and cost effective delivery;
  • verifies the ship’s documents and certificates comply with any applicable Importation, Customs and Immigration laws and regulations in advance of departure;
  • ensures the vessel has fully adequate insurance protecting the vessel and the crew for the duration of the delivery;
  • agrees the vessel will be well maintained and will arrive as clean, or cleaner, than when it departed;
  • agrees to provide detailed accounting of all delivery operating expenses;
  • agrees to provide regular communication on the status of the delivery;
    is willing and able to provide any repairs needed as required en route with the clients’ prior awareness and approval;
  • will provide testimonials and references from past clients on request;
  • displays professionalism throughout all communications in delivery preparations – including a delivery expense budget and a written contract/agreement.

What type and size of boats do you deliver?

We have experience delivering power and sailing vessels up to 74 feet and 135 Tons displacement. Please see 'Past Deliveries' for more details.

What qualifications do you have?

Captain Bill Everitt holds a second issue British MCA Commercial Master of Yachts 200 Ton (Offshore) License with both SAIL and POWER endorsements with over 50,000 nMiles sea service. His MCA license is recognized in more than 30 countries. He holds an STCW 95 certificate with Advanced Fire Fighting training. For more details on his qualifications, please see our ‘Credentials‘ section.

What is your experience delivering boats/yachts?

We have been delivering motor and sailing yachts since 2002. Please see our ‘Past Deliveries‘ for more details.

What can I, as the owner/client, do to make the delivery price less expensive?

  • Ensure the vessel is in good mechanical condition overall and ready for the anticipated over-the-water passage (we provide a list of what constitutes good mechanical condition);
  • Ensure critical spare parts are on board and a well equipped tool box/crib;
  • Take part as a crew member in the boat delivery, or provide experienced crew members.

Who do you use for crew members?

We have a roster of experienced and licensed crew members that we have used in past deliveries and are currently available. Some owners/clients are experienced at sea and join the delivery as an active crew member which gives them a golden opportunity to learn how their vessel handles in various weather and sea conditions. Sometimes owners/clients provide experienced crew members for the delivery.

Can I as the owner/client come along for the boat delivery?

Yes, some boat deliveries are ideal for owners/clients, who have past boating experience, to join the delivery – particularly shorter distance passages. Some of our boat deliveries are around-the-clock operations which calls for a regimented watch schedule (shift work) to ensure experienced/adequate crew on deck at all times. An around-the-clock boat delivery is very tough work. Offshore blue water passages are not typically appropriate for owners/clients unless they have prior offshore experience and fully understand from experience what to expect.

What payment options do I have for my boat delivery?

For your convenience, we accept payment by:
major credit cards – MasterCard, VISA, American Express; check/cheque; money order; cash; Pay Pal; or electronic funds transfer.

What if my vessel is found not yet seaworthy for the anticipated delivery based on your pre-departure inspection?

Rarely does a vessel not pass our seaworthiness pre-departure inspection. This is because we work with the client prior to the delivery ensuring it has all the up-to-date needed safety equipment on board, critical spare parts, and we review the latest marine survey in advance. In the unlikely event we do find something that needs correcting prior to departure, Captain Everitt has years of experience maintaining/repairing yachts and can utilize his expertise to correct any critical deficiency identified.

What equipment does my boat need for the delivery?

It is preferred the vessel has an auto pilot system particularly for a longer offshore passage. If it does not have autopilot, more crew will be needed for the delivery to accommodate hand steering – typically a minimum of four crew members for offshore passages. Chart plotter/GPS, knot log, depth sounder, VHF radios, required safety gear, and access to weather information are an equipment minimum requirement. If the boat delivery involves an around-the-clock operation, radar equipment must be on board. For offshore passages, a 406MHZ EPIRB and a suitably sized up-to-date inspected life raft is required. We can provide an EPIRB and life raft as part of our yacht delivery service.

Does the boat need to be insured for the delivery?

Yes, definitely! Most vessels already have full insurance coverage. We do require that the owner/client carry insurance on the vessel to be delivered and cannot do the delivery without proof of insurance. We will need a copy of the cover page of your policy showing the effective dates, boat identification and the Protection and Indemnity (P&I) section of your policy showing that all crew members are covered by the current policy.

What preparations do you do prior to the delivery departure?

A hallmark of our success is our CAREFUL and thorough planning for a boat delivery so it happens as expected with regards to safe passage, within budget, and on-time delivery. Please see our ‘How We Do It’ for more details on our 3 C’s service model CARING, CAREFUL, AND CONSIDERATE.

Where can you do boat deliveries?

Anywhere you need a boat delivery done! We have delivery experience in the Great Lakes, Florida, Bahamas, North Atlantic, the North Eastern Seaboard, Bermuda, Caribbean Sea, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, ICW, Hudson River, NY State and Welland Canal systems, Trent Canal system. That does not preclude our ability to do boat deliveries anywhere on the planet. Holding an internationally recognized Masters license that is valid in more than 30 countries equips us very well to meet our clients’ yacht delivery service needs wherever they are in the world.

What delivery route(s) do you choose?

The Captain will work with the owner/client (if desired) regarding various route options. The time of year, prevailing weather patterns, the type of vessel, the equipment on board, and the number of crew are all important aspects of determining the optimum route to be taken. Typically we choose the shortest/safest route available to minimize the boat delivery time and therefore minimize your cost as much as practicable. We will keep you informed daily as to the progress of the delivery and invite your contact anytime.

What happens if there are weather or mechanical delays during the delivery?

Typically, with our CAREFUL and thorough planning procedures, mechanical delays are rare. In addition, we work with short and long range weather forecasts to plan the delivery route, thereby minimizing potential weather delays. As long as we are in command of your vessel and fully responsible for its safekeeping, the crew daily rate will remain the same in the case of a mechanical breakdown or a weather delay. If we do encounter a delay, safety of your vessel is our highest priority. We will also remain productive doing routine preventive maintenance and doing the repairs needed in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

What can I expect you will provide for your yacht service delivery fee?

First and foremost, a safe delivery of your vessel done reliably within budget and on-time.

Our dedicated undertaking includes:

  • providing a commercially licensed captain and necessary crew members and
    arranging for the crew transportation;
  • obtaining navigational charts and pilots needed if they are not already on board;
  • providing back-up GPS, laptops and plotting instruments;
  • provisioning the vessel for the delivery including fueling (at the clients’ expense);
  • confirming the vessel is seaworthy for its intended passage – see ‘How We Do It‘ for more details;
  • developing a formal Yacht Delivery Plan that details the preferred/planned routes for inland, coastal, or offshore passages and alternate route planning for contingency weather considerations;
  • providing a detailed delivery expense budget;
  • providing an expense report of all vessel delivery expenses with accompanying receipts – all provided to the owner/client at the completion their boat delivery;
  • providing a formal boat delivery contract (if desired) which clearly outlines the client’s and the Captain’s undertakings and responsibilities;
  • ensuring all relevant vessel clearance, Importation, Customs and Immigration documents are completed as required;
  • keeping a detailed record/log of the vessel’s voyage in the ship’s logbook;
    keeping detailed maintenance records while en route;
  • providing daily communication updates to the Owner/Client as to the progress of the boat delivery whenever connectivity is available;
  • providing a 406MHZ EPIRB and life raft where applicable.

Do you provide boat deliveries for yacht brokers, dealers, manufacturers, or charter operations?

Yes we do! Simply contact us and we will provide a FREE no obligation quotation.

How long does a boat delivery take?

It depends on many variables, namely the:

  • size and type of vessel (power or sail);
  • propulsion system;
  • optimum cruising speed for best fuel efficiency;
  • weather and sea conditions encountered;
  • chosen route;
  • time of year;
  • whether or not delivery is round-the-clock operation.

We do provide a reasonably estimated delivery time once we have all the vessel pertinent information and a finalized route plan completed.

How much notice do you need to schedule your boat delivery service?

While we do prefer to have some advance notice in order to do our CAREFUL and thorough planning, we recognize sometimes that is simply not possible.

Approximately 50% of all boat delivery requests are made last minute (usually for good reasons) and therefore our clients rely on a flexible and nimble boat delivery service to meet their pressing needs. We pride ourselves on being quick to respond to our clients’ requests. We have established business alliances with other proven professional boat delivery services that are available to help us meet the last minute needs of our clients.

What happens if repairs or maintenance are needed en route of the delivery?

We always look after that as the need occurs. With a sense of urgency, we will always attempt to make the repair and do the maintenance ourselves in order to minimize possible downtime. If third party marine services are required, we will find the best local supplier and obtain owner/client approval in advance of the expenditure.

Can you predict/estimate fuel costs for the delivery?

Yes we can, by knowing the fuel burn rate of the engine(s) – including generators, at cruising speed. We can provide this once we obtain your vessel’s information on number of engines, engine(s) make and size (HP/KW), and cruising speed. We use this information, coupled with the current price of fuel, to calculate the estimated overall fuel cost based on the length of the delivery.

How do I book your boat delivery service?

Simply contact us by email at info @ or call us anytime at (905) 715-8795.

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