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Boat Deliveries - How We Do It

In doing boat deliveries, our service model in order to meet and/or exceed clients’ expectations is 3 C’s:


One hallmark for our success is the fact we care for the vessel being delivered as if it was our own! We do not differentiate between vessel ownership and being a dedicated service provider for the vessel’s owner.
Proof of our ‘CARING’ mission is our commitment to thorough and careful planning of all our boat deliveries which translates to a safe, reliable, and on time delivery. Careful planning includes:

  • Confirming the vessel is seaworthy for its intended passage which involves:
    • Making sure vessel meets all safety regulations in the jurisdictions encountered during the delivery;
    • Confirming vessel is adequately insured for the intended passage, and assist with obtaining insurance premium savings where applicable;
    • Review of the most current marine survey report of the vessel;
    • Confirm all ship’s documents are up to date and meet any applicable regulations;
    • Making a pre-departure inspection of the vessel ensuring it is in good mechanical condition and that critical spare parts and tools are on board;
    • Identifying any vessel deficiencies that need attention and providing engineering/maintenance services to correct such deficiencies prior to departure;
    • Taking care, in advance, of any and all applicable Customs and Immigration importation documentation required in cross country border situations.

  • Developing a formal Yacht Delivery Plan that details the preferred/planned routes for inland, coastal, or offshore passages and alternate route planning for contingency weather considerations;
  • Providing a detailed delivery expense budget;
  • Providing a formal boat delivery contract which clearly outlines the client’s and the Captain’s undertakings and responsibilities.

Our primary consideration lies with the awareness that a vessel, no matter what type or size, is an owner’s precious asset that needs professional and meticulous care at all times to ensure its safe keeping during its over the water delivery.
We recognize that approximately 50% of all boat delivery requests are made last minute (usually for good reasons) and therefore rely on a flexible and nimble boat delivery service to meet these pressing needs. We pride ourselves on being quick to respond to our clients’ requests. As a result, we have established business alliances with other proven professional boat delivery services that are available to help meet the last minute needs of our clients.
We welcome owners that want to be on board for part, or all, of the delivery passage of their boat. For an owner who just purchased a vessel, taking part in the vessel’s delivery is a unique opportunity to learn their new boat and how it handles in various weather and sea conditions. During the delivery, we can provide one-on-one training on navigation, docking, anchoring, and close quarter maneuvering. We can also provide training and orientation of the vessel’s systems before, during, and after the delivery.
In consideration of the owner’s investment for the delivery and care of their vessel, we:

  • keep a detailed record/log of the vessel’s voyage in the ship’s logbook;
  • keep detailed maintenance records;
  • keep accurate records of all vessel delivery expenses with accompanying receipts – all provided to the owner/client at the completion of all our boat deliveries; and
  • provide daily communication updates to the Owner/Client as to the progress of the boat delivery whenever connectivity is available.