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Boat Delivery - Captain Bill Everitt

Training & Orientation to help new boat owners: 

Have you recently acquired a boat and could benefit from a seasoned Captain with some hands-on expert training and orientation?

Consider trying our hands-on professional assistance on your boat. As a professional mariner holding a commercial 200 Ton British Masters License, Captain Everitt is available to help you on your vessel – Power or Sail. He teaches a formal ‘Cruise & Learn’ course that could be taken on your vessel.

Training & Orientation during a boat delivery: 

If you engage us to deliver your vessel, consider being on board for part or all of the boat delivery. This would be an ideal opportunity to learn, one-on-one, how your new boat handles for docking, anchoring, and maneuvering in close quarters – all under various weather and sea conditions and with an experienced teaching Captain at your side.

Call or email us today at info @ for a free boat delivery quote and/or to reserve personalized assistance on your boat.


Boat Delivery Captain Bill